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Growth Company Angels

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To date GC Angels have raised over £30m into 30+ businesses since 2015, with 30% of our businesses raising follow on capital. 


A University of Manchester spin-out, Gelmetix develops multiple grades of polymer gel to provide affordable non-invasive alternatives to surgery for conditions like chronic lower back pain and osteoarthritis.

Raise Requested: £325,000
Round Close: £325,000

Manchester Imaging Limited

Manchester Imaging Limited is a dental diagnostic software spinout from the University of Manchester. We have a computer vision and machine learning technology underpinning an image analysis software portfolio with development applications in several aspects of dental healthcare.

Raise Requested: £265,000
Round Close: £265,000


Hire the best creative professional for your job. Vetted, hand picked creative individuals to grow your business.

Raise Requested: £350,000
Round Close: £350,000


Hire the best creative professional for your job. Vetted, hand picked creative individuals to grow your business.

Raise Requested: £440,000
Round Close: £440,000


Biorelate helps scientists solving the most difficult biomedical challenges of today. We do this by curating truths from existing knowledge, enabling smarter and faster research &

Raise Requested: £50,000
Round Close: £50,000


Supporting patients to take their medication properly. Patented technology to provide doctors, CRO's and pharma real time data on medication

Raise Requested: £800,000
Round Close: £125,000

Blueberry Therapeutics

Blueberry Therapeutics’ vision is to bring high value, innovative medicines to the market that make a real difference to people’s

Raise Requested: £3,000,000
Round Close: £3,000,000

Choose My Agent

Find the best performing estate agent to sell your property

Raise Requested: £450,000
Round Close: £450,000

Call Sign

Real time AI driven Identity and Authentication Solutions, that confirm the user really is who they say they are, at work and at home.

Raise Requested: £5,400,000
Round Close: £5,400,000

Swab Tech

SwabTech Ltd is a UK registered medical device company that has spun out of the UK NHS to develop, evaluate and commercialise an automatic swab washing device to support the use of Intra-Operative Cell Salvage within operating theatres.

Raise Requested: £580,000
Round Close: £580,000


Our aim is to design innovative products that make a difference to peoples lives.

Raise Requested: £1,250,000
Round Close: £1,350,000

Cyber X

At Cyber X, we have developed a highly scalable, automated assessment which will provide your business with a bespoke security solution.

Raise Requested: £400,000
Round Close: £50,000


Founded in 2012, Ecomnova is an e-commerce web design, development and marketing company based in London & Manchester, UK. Over the last couple years they've made a reputation for building websites that look great and are easy-to-use. They develop and maintain white label gifting websites for major UK retailers and partners. Ecomnova have gone through 4 rounds of funding with GC Angels.

Raise Requested: £5,000,000
Round Close: £3,250,000


You did it. You went to university, you made lifelong friends, you passed the exams and graduated. Now it’s time to face the next challenge... GradTouch are here to help you find your ideal graduate career... Gradtouch have gone through 3 rounds of funding with GC Angels.

Raise Requested: £1,400,000
Round Close: £1,400,000


Connected Creatives

Connected Creatives empowers young people to self-publish their creative writing and share their work with their teachers, family & peers.

Raise Requested: £300,000
Round Close: £300,000



Whether you are looking for a ‘robo-adviser’ or just want to invest in the stock market, finding the right investment company can be a tricky business. Fear not, jammtoday is here to help! We are experienced financial professionals, creating tools that make investing simple and accessible for everyone, regardless of financial experience or status.

Raise Requested: £600,000
Round Close: £600,000


Football For Football

An online tool for aspiring footballers, contributed to by professional footballers with information around training, injuries, nutrition, equipment and more.

Raise Requested: £150,000
Round Close: £150,000



A fintech platform that lets landlords and residents effectively manage household bills.

Raise Requested: £50,000
Round Close: £50,000



Meet the people who'll make your uni experience. An app to help students to connect

Raise Requested: £50,000
Round Close: £50,000



Passmate filters through 100s of our highly rated instructors and hand picks those who are most compatible with

Raise Requested: £50,000
Round Close: £50,000