Growth Company Angels
Growth Company Angels

How can we support you and your business

We provide you with access to investors and other support services to help you to become 'investment ready'. We will ensure that you have the necessary plans and presentation skills when pitching your business ideas.

We can signpost you to further complementary services within the Growth Company should your business benefit from further specialised support, growth programmes or mentoring.

We offer:

  • An equity-based funding solution from £25k up to £2m to start up, expand or scale up your business
  • A safe, trusted, established and credible alternative finance option
  • Additional support by offering our skills, expertise and experience to help you to achieve your business ambition
  • Access to our associate angels for investment into your business and to share the risks involved with you
  • Support to become pitch-ready in order to ensure the best possible opportunity in securing investment
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Referrals to other services within the Growth Company that may benefit your business


Equity-based finance from £25k - £2m
Flexible funding opportunities
Additional skills, expertise & experience

Why GC Angels?

GC Angels is a well-established and trusted service. Managed by an authorised and regulated FCA fund manager and driven by equity specialists, we offer ethical equity investment options for your business.

Benefits of GC Angels;

  • We support you in unlocking significant capital investment from £25k up to £2m
  • We will share experience and knowledge with you
  • We facilitate private investment partners, our associate investors as well as investing ourselves
  • We increase access to early stage investment – we have driven more than £25.5m of investment into over 30 businesses in recent years

If you’re interested in giving your business the best possible start through early stage investment, then apply now and one of our advisors will be in touch.




How does it work?

GC Angels offers a co-investment model which brings together public and private equity.  We operate through The Enterprise Fund LTD, an FCA-regulated body, and are part of the Growth Company.

We have a range of associate investors all looking for the next high-growth opportunity to invest in.


Fill out our quick and easy registration form online. Once you have submitted your enquiry, we will review your application within 2 weeks and a member of our Investment Team will be in touch.


Our Investment Team will review the details of your business application for funding with you to gain a better understanding of your business ideas and ambitions. They will then arrange an initial meeting where we will explain how our fee structure works, offer advice and tips on things you can work on, and aim to get you ‘investment-ready. If we feel the opportunity is strong and our investor base will show interest in your business, we will enter into an engagement letter with you.

Pitch Event

You may have an opportunity to present at a monthly a pitch event where you will give a presentation in front of other SMEs, Angels and business experts from across the wider Growth Company. From this session you will gain valuable feedback on your pitch, highlighting positives and areas to improve, as well as having a face-to-face opportunity to engage with Angels who may be interested in your business.

Gathering Interest

Throughout our engagement with you, from registration to deal closure, the due diligence process is ongoing. We will work with you to fully understand your business, its valuation, projected performance as well as many other things that will allow us to present the opportunity clearly to our associate investors. All information will be treated with confidentiality and only shared with interested investment parties. We will facilitate meetings and work alongside you every step of the way as we raise your funding round.

Post Investment

We have access to a network of Non-Executive Directors (NEDs) with strong industry expertise and contacts who support businesses as they grow. We can support you by introducing the right individual to meet your needs. We will remain in touch with you as you grow your business further, as we have a strategy to follow-on with our investment so do keep in touch!

How to apply

You will need to apply online to comply with financial services legislation, agree to the rules governing the network and submit a 250-word summary of your business proposal.

Once your registration is submitted, a member of our investment team will review your application within 3 working days for approval.