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GC Angels and NorthInvest join forces to fuel Fund Her North

16 Aug 2023


GC Angels, has joined forces with NorthInvest to spearhead the execution of Fund Her North initiatives throughout the North West region. This partnership underscores their mutual dedication to advancing female-led innovation and driving economic transformation through investments, collaboration, and expertise.

Having already committed to the Investing in Women Code, GC Angels is elevating its commitment by actively engaging in Fund Her North initiatives to foster female investment. Initially centred in Greater Manchester, GC Angels aims to extend its influence across the North West, encompassing areas such as Cumbria, Merseyside, Cheshire, and Lancashire. The goal is to ensure that female founders across this region have both access to capital and comprehensive support.

According to the most recent Small Business Equity Tracker by the British Business Bank, merely two percent of capital in the UK is directed towards businesses founded solely by women. Contrary to this trend, GC Angels has already surpassed this benchmark by investing 25 percent of its funds in all-female founded teams since its inception in 2018, with its latest investment going into the burgeoning FinTech company, Financielle.

Fund Her North empowers female entrepreneurs throughout the North by providing them with equity investment and comprehensive assistance. To date, the initiative has bolstered almost 500 business owners, contributing to the closure of 14 funding rounds, resulting in a combined total of £4.5 million in investments for female-founded enterprises.

Leveraging the extensive network of GC Angels, the team aims to perpetuate and intensify these efforts by focusing on securing more investment deals. Fund Her North will also tap into the broader resources of the Growth Company Group, including provisions for business finance, employment, education, skills, and growth facilitated by the Business Growth Hub.

Sarah Ayton, strategic relationships manager at GC Angels, said: “Our partnership with NorthInvest represents a monumental step toward reshaping the investment landscape and supporting the ingenuity of female entrepreneurs through Fund Her North. Together, we’re unlocking new opportunities for growth and innovation.

“Delivering Fund Her North strengthens our mission to empower women in business. Collectively, we’re creating a vibrant ecosystem that fuels innovation and drives equitable opportunities for female entrepreneurs across the North.”

Professor Adam Beaumont, founder at North Invest, added: “The synergy between GC Angels and NorthInvest is electrifying. We’re so excited to have the team on board as a key delivery partner to help create an investment ecosystem that truly supports female entrepreneurs.”

Fund Her North will be hosting its next event in Manchester, in partnership with NatWest at its Spinningfields offices and supported by the UK British Angels Association, on August 17.