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The future of angel funding

20 Jun 2016

As collaborative investment models like GC Angels grow in popularity and success, research is highlighting this breed of syndicate based model as the best way forward for businesses seeking equity investment.

How to pitch for angel investment?

12 Apr 2016

All investors are different and will have their own reasons for making investments that will shape their portfolio.  But a lot of what the investors in our GC Angels syndicates and VCs generally are looking for in a pitch from start up businesses will be the same.

Why become a business angel?

16 Feb 2016


A business Angel, like those we work with in our GC Angel programme, does not only invest cash into a start up or early stage business but also a wealth of experience and knowledge to help the business grow. Our Angels make investments as part of a syndicate, which not only minimises their individual risk but also enables them to work with a wider range of businesses. With £850m invested by Angels annually in the UK, what is the attraction of becoming an Angel? There are of course many example…